Archbishop Victor
First Metropolitan President of the Church

In the past we have had numerous claims written by other's offering false information about myself. We even ended up in court to prove some claims were legally defamation, and we won.

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I did some independent studies in the various religions and I studied in both Roman Catholic and Orthodox seminaries and was awarded an Associates degree in Florida, Bachelors & Masters Degrees and a Doctorate in Theology from Holy Family Seminary and the Orthodox Catholic House of Studies and a Ph.D. from Cochin School of the Bible in India. I have also received a few honorary degrees along the way.

My ministry began with an Orthodox Catholic group in Michigan about the time of Vatican 2. This jurisdiction ministered to both Catholics and Episcopalians not happy with all the changes that were taking place. I was named presiding bishop and corporate president.

Due to some health problems after a car accident we took a Sabbatical and moved to Florida for about 8 years. I continued my ministry and studies and then moved to Arkansas as I decided against the cold Michigan climate. I had lived a celibate monastic lifestyle in Rural Arkansas for about 15 years. After my parents had passed away I decided to move to Texas where I believed the climate would be better for my health but it is still a semi-humid climate.

I have always been a firm believer in solid lines of Apostolic Succession and when I sought out a jurisdiction in 1991 claiming such lines I joined their jurisdiction trusting these clergy to be honest & truthful. I received from others information as to the validity of these lines and the individuals involved. I studied the subject of independent jurisdictions -vs- the old established churches, their lines and history. During this time I received some documents and discovered the lines we were supposed to be in were in fact doubtful due to some decrees of excommunications issued against individuals in my lines prior to their consecration or ordination of someone else in my lines as well as the canonical position on such lines. After careful study and discussions with other clergy it was clear the lines I believed I had were nothing more than an "attempted episcopal act". A bishop friend located another jurisdiction that appeared to have very solid lines of Apostolic Succession and they offered to help us resolve the problem of good solid lines of Apostolic Succession. With a visiting bishop returning lines from the Russian Church (Moscow) and the other bishops having Syrian lines in May 1999 we were consecrated Du Novo in Delaware to be the Metropolitan of THEOCACNA, the position I had previously been elected to.

During my over 10 years as Metropolitan we obtained 3 copyrights, 2 U.S. Registered Service Marks, Arizona State Trademark and some unregistered (claimed) Service Marks. I was also contacted over the years by clergy from other jurisdictions seeking concordats with us or wanting to merge with us. We also received a letter in 1996 from a Roman Catholic diocese recognizing us based on our history as a canonically established Church and allowing us to offer communion (Mysteries) to Roman Catholics within our own liturgy.

Over the years I have counseled many people in person and by phone. I saved a couple lives that we know of and helped a retarded man be placed with a couple sisters after his parents died and left no one to help care for him. Another family member tried to take him just so she could get his social security check to help support her drug life style but she was not able to show the court she could properly care for him so the other sisters were given custody.

Mariam Ofiesh

I never met her personally but did speak to Mariam Ofiesh, widow of the first bishop of this church, by phone a few times over the years. She asked if we would consent to being elected to the Corporate Church as the Synod of this canonically established Church. Marian sat on the board of trustees until 1999 and reposed in 2000.

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