Another AOCC Group

Items in "bold" go against the orthodox canons and show these individuals are not orthodox as they claim.
Also note the name American Orthodox Catholic Church is our short name and has been since 1927 as stated in our original constitution.

This shows these old catholics claiming to be orthodox are not orthodox and in fact by their numerous reconsecrations have violated the Sacred and Divine Canons. The last one appears to have been consecrated by only one bishop also contrary to the canons AND shows he is anything but orthodox in his teachings and beliefs.

Subject: Re: Dominick Lorenzo (claimed to be the AOCC Abp. Presiding)

This is from the book: Independent Bishops: an Internetional Directory.

Dominick Lorenzo of the American Orthodox Catholic Church. was ordained priest, and later, on June 26, 1977, was consecrated bishop by Uladyslau Ryzy-Ryski of the American World Patriarchate, assistated by Patrick McReynolds, Luis M. Asarta, Antionio Garcia, Francisco Barquero, Frderico Kuang, and Lawrence Pierre. Lorenzo was appointed by John Arthur Chiasson (Christian) of the American Arthodox Catholic Church to the Metropolitan of New York for the American Orthodox Catholic Church. Chiasson(Christian) consecrated him sub conditione on August 15, 1978, assisted by Patrick McReynolds, Damian Hanson, and jacobo lozano. in 1984 Lorenzo was elected as Archbishop of the American Orthodox Catholic Church. Lorenzo is now retired and based at the Holy Trinity Monastary in Shirley, New York.


Subject: Re: Donald Lawrence Jolly

According to the same source Donald Jolly is associated with the Independent Catholic Church International. was consecrated on december 31st, 1973 by John Lawrence Brown of the Free Protestant Episcopal Church (Not an Orthodox Church) (Phillipines). On June 25th, 1980, Jolly recieved an improper appointment as legal and canonical representative of the American Orthodox Catholic Church in Italy. under Antonio Pietroburgo, (who had no authority or jurisdiction over the American Church) and was consecrated by Antonio Pietroburgo in Rome on June 25th, 1980. assisted by Clemens Minihofer. he is currently has a ministry based in San Bernardino, California, and associated with the Independent Catholic Church International.


Reference: Donald Lawrence JOLLY:

Rumor indicates JOLLY at some time has contacted about every independent jurisdiction in Southern California and some clergy considered him a lose cannon. To our knowledge he has claimed to be independent catholic and was never associated with orthodoxy. He had an Old Catholic parish in Fontana, CA. near San Bernardino. At one time I recall he became somehow involved with a gay group in the San Bernardino area and I'm unaware how long that association lasted. Years ago he was in contact with +Paul SCHULTZ and +Dwain HOUSER with some scheme but nothing ever came of it. From the information I received JOLLY attempts to associate with jurisdictions and play Pope.


Subject: Re: Patrick McReynolds

Patrick Kevin McReynolds of the American Orthodox Catholic Church and Gods Benevolence Institute. born in Colfax, Washington on May 25, 1950. was ordained deacon and priest on April 6, 1974 by Mikhael Francis Augustine Itkin of the community of the Love of Christ. (evangelical catholic, not orthodox), who also consecrated him in Los Angeles, Calif. April 7, 1974 for an independent ministry. he was (again) consecrated in Hartford, Conn. on May 19, 1975 by Edward C. Payne, becoming a suffragan bishop in payne's independent catholic church. he brought with him into this church the community of God's benevolence which he founded shortly after his (third) consecration. in Bronx, New York, on November 26, 1976, by Uladyslau Ryzy- Ryski of the American World Patriarchate, assisted by Francisco Barquerro, Antonio Garcia, Luis Maria Asarta, and Frederico Juang. McReynolds recieved his master's degree in theology from Fordham University in 1978. He was (again)consecrated in Mirabel, near Montreal, Canada on January 19, 1977 by Andre Leon Zotique Barbeau of the Catholic Charismatic Church of Canada, assisted by Andre LeTellier. In June 1981, McReynolds left Payne and began the God's Benevolence Orthodox Catholic Church in Spokane, Washington.

On Feb 22, 1982, he signed an intercommunion agreement with Robert Vincent Bernard Dawe and the Independent Catholic Church, International. On September 8, 1982, he joined the American Orthodox Catholic Church and shifted his headquarters to Los Angeles, under the new title of God's Benevolence Institute. The institute is an interdenominational association for ancient studies and practices. McReynolds (re:) consecrated one of his original consecrators - Andre Leon Zotque Barbeau.


Subject: Re: Stephen Kochones

Steven A. Kohones was born in White Plains, New York on Jan. 31, 1931. he was raised greek orthodox, but left that church and was ordained on January 25, 1956, by John F. Derr, assisted by A.W. Rasmussen, as a minister of the independent Assemblies of God. he was ordained priest in the Cathedral of the Holy Resurrection on Sept. 4, 1967 by Walter Myron Propheta of the "Indepndent" American Orthodox Catholic Church, assisted by John Christian and Foster Gilead. In 1969 Kochones established the Church of God in the Lord Jesus Christ in Pasadena, California. The congregation began initially as protestant and pentecostal in spirit, but over the years developed in a decidely eclectic direction. Most notoceable were elements of messianic judaism, but soon some catholic liturgical elements were added. Kochones studies various independent and old catholic bodies with whom he might affiliate. after lengthy deliberations, he sought and recieved consecration on May 18th, 1980, in the Catholic Church of God, Pasadena, California by David Madison Baxter of the Orthodox Church of America, with the consent (no co-consecrator) of Clarence Francis Quinn. Kochones associated his Catholic Church of God and on May 11, 1989, officially changed the California corporation name to the American Orthodox Catholic Church.