From: Patriarch Nikon
Sent: Thursday, December 10, 2009 4:44 AM
To: patriarch_nikon@msn.com
Subject: Reason..


You stated you wanted peace and friendship and suggested what you would post on your website then posted trash in an effort to turn people away from this church.

That is why we posted the facts of your acts and leaving.

You would have been much better off going back to your western orthodox name but by taking a name so close to ours and having our name mentioned on your web page you now appear to be independent wanna bees.

When you came to THEOCACNA you appeared to be orthodox and appeared to know the canons. Numerous comments and acts have not been orthodox and I tried to work with you on many such matters.

I attempted to explain that orthodox clergy obey the canons. You do not pick and choose.

You claimed you had a right to bring anyone in by ordaining without the required mandate. I asked "Show me the canon that gives you that right". I on the other hand posted the facts of numerous orthodox Church and seminary websites which was ignored for the most part because it was not what you wanted and claimed. Your basic response is they are not orthodox.

We had spoken about a number of these issues and you still went ahead and ordained someone without a mandate - we declared that act invalid. He is not and never was ordained in the name of or for THEOCACNA.

You wanted to come in and change the corporate board, a board that for over 10 years acted in the best interest of the Church. Why? Because you wanted to find ways to change everything and get a position of authority over all others. These people sat on the board, for the most part, with Mariam Ofiesh and she had no problem with them.

You wanted to change the Constitution but failed to point out which parts. I assume the part where the Russian Synod gave Aftimios final say over every act of the synod.

You say the majority of the Synod wanted these changes. In fact your 3 auxiliary bishops tend to rubber stamp anything you want. I personally feel your acts indicate you wanted to take over and change everything about THEOCACNA and make THEOCACNA anything but Orthodox. All the proposals indicate this to be a factual observation.

Then what you have posted being not what you suggested appears to support my feelings on this issue.

If you really wanted friendship would you have been much more concerned about what you posted on your website.

As I have stated - we do not need to act since your actions speak volumes and will show the Orthodox community that you are not orthodox. Leaving because you were unhappy with a local canon - not because anyone had prevented you from doing anything! Had you attempted to put the mandate issue before the synod and it was blocked would have been a valid complaint. Demanding the right to ordain anyone because we had a correspondence seminary and you did not feel the mandate was needed any more does not hold up. You make such changes slowly.

Leland claims he is Orthodox and does not care to follow certain outdated canons.

GeoMichael claims a 3rd year theological student is a Theologian. The academy stated he had studied 3 years, they did not state that he graduated. The also said they did not know where he went so is doubtful he was ordained since no transcripts appear to have been requested by any church. My Russian friend stated he had a Serbian name before GeoMichael said he was with the Serbian Church, later Leland stated this guy was with a different Church. The facts are inconsistent.

And one important issue to the Orthodox is another violation of the canons - your leaving without the required letters. Had you just left quietly none of this would have been an issue. You could have gone back to being the western rite orthodox. No, you had to throw mud and post trash on your website. Therefore we must counter what you have published.

THEOCACNA is and will remain Orthodox. We have already received a call about another synod coming in with us.