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We now have documented proof, not only from our archives but also from the ethnic Orthodox in America, that no independent groups claiming to be the Society of Clerks Secular of St Basil or the AOCC are or could be us under any name. All such claims are clearly false. Continued claims are lies and proof these episcopi vagants are unchristian frauds.

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Facts about the false information by

Carl Bartholomew A/K/A Metropolitan Alexander (Bartholomew)
of the Holy Orthodox Church - American Jurisdiction

The individual named above and his associates are involved in identity theft, serice mark infringement, fraud and more buy taking our name and logo, placing them on their website and claiming to be us. The individuals involved are using the Holy Orthodox Church domain, listing both names on their website.

Those who lie about who they are clearly are not christian's or clergy.

The canons mention theft of Church property but since the canons were written centuries ago they do not detail Church property in a modern manner. The canons mention holy objects such as candles but in a modern sense Church items must include a churches identity, name and legal property as well. In this day and age the taking of one churches identity and legally owned property, such as a Registered or formerly registered Copyright or Service or Trademark that is owned by a Church is also considered theft and according to the canons the punishments can be a clergy being deposed and even more severe. Laity can be excommunicated.

He has a document on his website claiming to have been elevated to the office of Metropolitan of The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church (in North America was left off) and showing our logo which with our name is our service mark and legal property. They also claim Abp. Ofiesh was the head of their Church. This is False. Abp. Ofiesh never headed their Church and they have never been a part of this Church. Therefore such a document shows Identity theft, fraud and service mark infringement. These are criminal acts and this man and his associates are criminals by their acts.

Beware of those listed below. They are passing themselves off as us. They are not clergy from The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America that was established by the Russian Synod and headed by Abp. Ofiesh. Based on Orthodox canons and tradition they are not orthodox, they are not Orthodox bishops and therefore they have no Sacramental authority. Their claims are provably Catholic views and claims, not Orthodox. Remember, when you take from others without permission you steal. Those who make false claims that they are us are liars, commit fraud, identity theft as well as Service Mark infringement and dilution of the mark. Using our name with a slight change is still infringement when its intent is to mislead people that they are us.

The following individuals should be viewed as Old Catholics who falsely claim to be Orthodox, claim our name, used our logo, claim some of our history and even claim to be us. They claim to be Orthodox but support such claims with catholic views on such ordinations and not the Orthodox view.


Carl Bartholomew, claiming the name Metropolitan Primate Alexander claims to head our Church, as well as Chaplain - Boy Scouts of America-HOC-AJ. We understand he is a Chiropractor and former Roman Catholic priest. He has incorporated using our name in Florida (2007) and believes this gives him the legal right to use our name and logo. He had published our name & Logo (Service Mark) on his domain, then removed the logo, then changed the name by dropping "North". He still claims our history and uses our name and logo on a couple pages. We view these claims as Identity theft and fraud.

d. 2008 - Francis Forbes was listed as Metropolitan Archbishop Emeritus of our Church. Forbes Church was incorporated in Nashville from about 1982-85 and has been operated since, it appears, as a non-incorporated entity. He was never part of THEOCACNA as some of their clergy would claim. He left the Antiochian church and was consecrated by 2 independent bishops who were not associated with THEOCACNA in any way. He appeared to always used the name "Holy Orthodox Church - American Jurisdiction.

An Archbishop Nicholas Boyle-Parsley is listed for the Archdiocese of Nashville.

Also listed are Jim Moyer, Jim Forbes, Frank Forbes and Francis-Mary Payne.

Daniel Sierra appears to be a bogus name used by Bartholomew that was listed as a resident of Chandler, AZ and was listed as the contact for holyorthodoxchurch.com, one of the domains where the infringement and identity theft has occured.

By their association they are all party to the Identity theft, infringement and fraud. Since their HOC-AJ has not been a legal entity in many years while they have used the HOC-AJ domain to violate our legal rights and the laws of this land we publish this notice of fact.

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Since they have no legal right to our name and it is not their name or property and the Holy Orthodox Church corporation has been listed as inactive for years the individuals may be held liable in our legal action.

This Carl Bartholomew was never associated with this Church and their claims to our Church history and lines of Apostolic Succession are groundless. As far as we know Bartholomew is a former Roman Catholic priest in the role of an independent Old Catholic bishop claiming to be Orthodox and nothing more. He prefers to threaten and deceive in a very unchristian manner.

We believe this is the same individual who claimed to be under a "Patriarch Samuel" a few years ago and had a blog titled "AOCC" on orthodoxchristianity. This blog was shut down by the moderators stating they were not orthodox.

This group claims old catholic lines (once a priest always a priest) tracing to Ignatius and then claim orthodox lines but in orthodoxy a bishop who leaves the church leaves all sacramental authority and has no orthodox lines to pass on. After Ignatius left THEOCACNA (1933) he had no sacramental authority to pass lines of apostolic succession. Anyone who traces their lines to Ignatius and claims Orthodox succession has no sacramental authority AND NO LINES TO PASS ON TO ANYONE.

He is also listed on Pokrov.org on the accused link.