This is a brief history of the life of Metropolitan Victor.

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Victor had a calling to the priesthood at an early age. He attended Queen of Apostles seminary during high school and was very disappointed in the school schedule. When the school continued down a path that Victor found objectionable he decided to leave that school and continue his studies elsewhere.

Due to a problem in transfering seminary credits to the public school he found he lacked a number of credits and would not be able to graduate with that class. He then decided to leave school early and finish his education at a later time so he could enter the Army. This was 1963 and Vietnam was an ongoing undelared war.

Victor first requested any training he could put to use in civilian life and asked to be stationed in England. At age 17 he was not familiar with contracts and legal wording issues. Instead he was trained in cryptography and stationed in France. The Army had over trained for that MOS and Victor ended up doing odd jobs. He then Volunteered for Vietnam when a call came for those with his MOS but he was never called for Asian service.

After serving for 2 years Victor returned home, went back to school, worked in various positions such as Armored Car Guard, Aux. Deputy, printer and even owned a detective agency for a couple years.

His schooling consisted of obtaining a GED and going on to college, later being offered a chance to get his High School diploma as well as doing home study work and continuing his theological studies and research. He ended up with many diploma's and certificates as well as degrees from A.S. to Ph.D. He also received a couple Honorary degrees.

At Victor's request the local Rabbi, a respected public speaker and author, visited the college and lectured Victors class with other classes sitting in. The Rabbi ended up speaking at the following 2 classes also.

When his mother was widowed Victor became her caregiver and headed the family home. When is mother was no longer able to work Victor kept a childhood promise and bought his mother a Registered AKC Poodle. It was a grey pup who was named Herbie Prince of Newent.

Victor was asked to head a small "Orthodox" Catholic Church in Michigan after Vatican II changes upset many people. Later Victor was ordained into a group that was later found to have no valid orders. Victor was ordained Du Novo or anew into valid orders and received lines to the Syrian Church of india as well as Russian Lines that trace back to Abp. Ofiesh who was the first president of the corporate church and synod.

In 1996 we received a letter from the Saginaw, Mi. diocese of the Roman Catholic Church stating we could give communion to Roman Catholics.

In 1997 the North American Holy Synod of THEOCACNA voted Archbishop Victor the presiding bishop. He was later given the title of Metropolitan. Victor remains the legal corporate president at the Synods request.

In 2003 the Synod voted to declare this Church the American Orthodox Patriarchate and Archbishop Nikon was elected Patriarch.

As Metropolitan of this Church Victor has taken the Church into Court in a defamation and invasion of privacy lawsuit which we won. The former Orthodox Catholic Patriarchate of America petitioned THEOCACNA to accept them under our protection and after about a year the Synod determined we should correct that groups name to be changed to our name.

The lawsuit occured in 2004 against Monty. Monty later fled with 3 warrants pending against him including one for contempt of court in the defamation case as well as one for arson.