From an site that has since been closed for not being true orthodox.

The following article makes numerous false claims that we can easily disprove.


Since the time of the beginning of the internet and be for, so may Jurisdiction have put down the American Orthodox Catholic Church also know as the Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church of America. By saying that The bishops of this Church are not Valid and that is Jurisdiction died out when Aftimios Ofiesh married. That is far from the truth as this Church has maintained The lines of succession and no Aftimios Ofiesh of thrice Blessed Memory did not start other churches stated my those from Main line Jurisdiction. Yes there are those who call themself this Church but really do not hold strict succession lines. A lot of the Jurisdiction have not grown and can not show any parishes at all. One such jurisdiction lead by one Victor Prentice can't show the fruits of there work, as all they have done is make decree's against other Jurisdiction or by shutting down website of other Jursidiction saying that they are not this Church and by claiming that Mariam Ofiesh was on their board of directors which was not* all true. Other jusdiction ordain women to the Priesthood and one has a women as their prime bishop.

This Jurisdiction under Metropolitan Samuel** a long with other Bishops have brought the full Jurisdiction where Metropolitan Walter Propheta of thrice Blessed memory left off and were brought back together. This Jurisdiction has grown to be The largest Autocephalous Jurisdiction out side from the main line Jurisdiction and the OCA and is still growning with more clergy and people seeking us out. This Jurusdiction is now in at least in 10 states, 4 continents and at least 12 countries. To see where we have gone and how much we have grown Please visit our primary Domain website at as you see we have grown to be the Jurisdiction that the Ruling Hiearch in America of the Russian Orthodox Church created in 1927 with Aftimios Ofiesh of Thrice blessed Memory as it's first Metropolitan.

As to Aftimios Ofiesh stepping down and marrying, He did what he had to do since none of the Ethnic Jurisdiction wanted to be part of one American Orthodox Church and with other Jurisdiction interfering in Aftimios Ofiesh Jurdiction which was in Violation of the Canon law. Plus since there was no excommunition against Atimios by any of his Bishops and that no Patriarch has issued such decree. These lines from Aftimos are still vaild as they Come through Arcbishop Spohronios Bishara and Arcbishop Joseph Zuk both of blessed Memory. Plus another part of our Lines and history are part of this Jusdiction as well

by Father Alexander

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More trash by this character.

The AOCCW is not part of this Jurisdiction and we have nothing to do with them. The AOCCW comes from Old catholic Bishop back in the 1800s as Stated on their website. see all these old Catholic groups who use the name AOCC all come from the same Bishop in the 1800, the Bishops is Joseph R Vilatte. We are also not part of that AOCC group in New Mexico under Thaddeus Jude, his group is old Catholic as well. The Group calling itself THEOCACNA under one Victor Prentice is nothing but a looser who came from excommunicated Bishop by the name of Dennis Garrison,* he claimes the Church name for himself*. he is being looked at* by the N.Y G.A. what else would you like to know or think you know

His name calling is clearly unchristian and his typeo's show a lack of education.

His claims are all provably false. Abp. Victor does not come from the Garrison lines which are some of the worse claimed lines due to Garrisons first excommunication by David Luther of the SGS formerly in Altoona, PA. Abp. Victor is Corporate President and maintains his office according to the Church Constitution that was prepared by the Russian Synod in North America (MP), Holy Scripture, The canons and Orthodox traditions. Some synod members were asked to leave Nov-Dec 2009 for deciding they did not need to follow certain canons. Abp. Victor is very strict on obedience to the canons.

They left and started a church with an almost identical name and promote information on Archbishop Ofiesh of blessed memory. They were asked to leave, left without the required letters and do not follow the canons and traditions. They are not in any way associated with this canonically established church.

More below.

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The Truth of these claims

It should be understood that all these groups claiming our name's are in violation of the law. This Church claims under common and statuatory law our names and our Logo.

The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America, inc.
The original 1927 Church incorporated by Abp. Ofiesh

Society of Clerks Secular of St. Basil Established by Abp. Ofiesh as part of this Church

Under Common Law

American Orthodox Catholic Church - since 1927

American Orthodox Patriarchate - since 2003

THEOCACNA - since 1995

Also be advised that the Rudder, canons of the Orthodox Church, clearly state that a bishop who leaves the Orthodox Church leaves all his sacramental authority behind. Thus no ordination can be canonical or valid once a bishop leaves his church (without letters and w/o incardination with the required letters into another canonical Church) and becomes an independent.

When Ignatius left the Church (THEOCACNA) in 1933 they claim on Orthodoxwiki that he left to marry. We do know he started to ordain in 1934 claiming to be an Archbishop in the Holy Orthodox Church in America (not a canonical group). Since he had no sacramental authority his acts were not canonical or with any authority ferom THEOCACNA to pass on lines of Apostolic Succession.

Anyone who claims these lines come from the Old catholic tradition as in the catholic canons once a priest always a priest and when they leave the catholic church the ordination is valid but irregular.

Once Ignatius Nichols walked away from the Church after about 10 months as auxiliary bishop he could no longer act with any validity and had no authority to ordain with the Russian lines. He laid hands on Plummer and Dewittow who were never in the lines of THEOCACNA. Abp. Propheta may have believed or not that he was in this succession but he clearly was not orthodox since he laid hands on almost anyone with the intent of going off and doing whatever they wanted. He was never part of THEOCACNA or the original AOCC as the independents claim.

This author has also claimed that Archbishop Victor has no valid orders, makes false claims and so on. This author, if he is the one we think he is, is listed as a sex offender on Pokrov. That individual is a former Roman Catholic priest. The claim that Abp. Victor is being investigated by anyone is news to us. Abp. Victor was elected Corporate President of the Corporation established by Abp. Aftimios Ofiesh, of blessed memory, and presiding bishop of the original canonically chartered Church. His lines are traced directly back to Bishop Sophronius and do not go through Ignatius as those claimed by the independent movement. Also a visit to the website of the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts you will see that Mariam Ofiesh was listed as a Corporate Director, she send Abp. Victor a couple pictures of Abp. Ofiesh during the years she sat on the board, and she retired from the board due to her age and illness in 1999. She moved back up north where she died in 2000 and she was buried next to her late husband.

All these in the independent movement who must lie to claim they are us under whatever name are not orthodox and as far as we are concerned any such liars are unchristian also. They will go to any length to mislead others to believe their false claims. The problem we find is that they must answer in the end times for misleading people into believing they have been in a sacramental church.

** Most independent groups claim to be out of the propheta line.
A posting online stated that Samuel stepped down and was returning to his "protestant" roots I believe.