Canonical Orthodox

People ask what is Canonical because there are many groups around claiming this.

First we must understand that many in what is called the independent movement claim much but in fact are not what they claim to be. They claim lines of apostolic succession from everyone. They claim to be "in communion" with the Ecumenical Patriarch or another Patriarch. Some say the pray for so and so and a few even claim to be a patriarch of their jurisdiction, list many "clergy" from all backgrounds and are not in communion with any Old World ethnic Patriarch or Church.

In our case we are a Canonically established Church and continue in communion with the ethnic Ukrainian (SCOBA) Church. We were established in 1927 by the Russian Orthodox Synod in North America based on Patriarch Tikons direction.

The Ecumenical Patriarch of that time opposed an American Church, some say because he felt he should be able to establish the American Church. The present Ecumenical Patriarch stated after a visit to the United States that it was time to establish an American Church - which makes no sense since there are 2 established by the Russian Patricharate and the Ecumenical Patriarch refuses to recognize either fully. But this statement does seem to support the belief that the Ecmenical Patricharate believes they are the only ones entitled to establish a new Church entity.

The ethnic Church clergy, leaders included, and members violate the Rudder (Orthodox Canons) to suit their individual needs. An Example is they knowingly pray with the excommunicated. We do not seek communion with them and even notified the former Greek Archbishop of our lack of interest in joining SCOBA (We stated we had no interest in SCOBA membership). Since seeking communion with them and thus praying with them would harm us by placing us in a position contrary to the Canons by our praying with the excommunicated we avoid such unity and communion with an ethnic Church we know to be in violation of the Canons.

Churches we avoid

Greek Orthdox and Ecumenical Patriarchate;

Knowingly pray with the Excommunicated,


Unjust towards members with non-orthodox spouse, coerce the spouse by ordering the member to stop sharing the marriage bed or to seek a divorce unless and until the non-orthdox spouse submits to the Coptic priest to be "anointed" (This happened to a married convert who joined and then the husband was advised what his wifes priest demanded).


Violated the Canons many years ago and went to Court against our first Archbishop and stole our Cathedral through Court action. We interpret the Canons to direct that all Church affairs be kept out of civil courts.

Violated the Canons many years ago when one of their clergy who came to the U.S. with approval for a temporary visit refused to return home, stayed in the U.S., caused much trouble for our Church and others.

We were contacted by an individual claiming to be an Antiochian Priest under Metropolitan Philip and directed to quietly contact Metropolitan Philip to establish friendly relations. When we did write we received no answer fom the Metropolitan or any in his office. We did receive an abusive inquiry from one of their priests who made statements showing his lack of knowledge and lack of interest in the truth.

They appear to believe that the Rudder is not Sacred or Divine, instead just a guideline.

The Orthodox Church in America

Attempt to usurp our Churches authority and Jurisdiction,

Published false information about this Church and its Clergy,

Ignored our requests to cease and desist when one of their "former" deacons attacked us and violated our copyright and/or servce mark. We were forced to have an attorney write them and they (OCA) did finally respond to the attorney.

Who we are in communion with

One of our clergy has (on numerous occasions) shared the altar with and been asked to hold liturgy at an ethnic (SCOBA) Ukrainian Church.

One of our Bishops has met the Catholicos in India some years ago.

Some of our clergy have been asked to share the altar with Roman Catholic clergy.

We have a letter from a Roman Catholic Diocese stating that our clergy may provide communion to Roman Catholics within the Orthodox liturgy.

We offer communion to all baptized secular members of any ethnic orthodox jurisdiction. The individual is not responsible for the acts of their clergy that violate the canons esp. when they are unaware of such acts.



Under the Ancient Canon Law enacted by the Council of Calchedon in 453 A.D., this can be the only lawful orthodox authority or jurisdiction in America. (Quoted from New York newspaper, 1932)

We are the Canonically established Traditional Orthodox Church that was established Feb. 2, 1927 and incorporated on Feb. 1, 1928.

We use the approved orthodox western rite liturgy.

We adhere to the Sacred and Divine Canons. Some attempt to make fun of outdated canons that do not directly apply to this day and age but show us the intent of the Canon.

The Canons are alive today!