This page contains the 85 Apostolic Canons and the First through Seventh Ecumenical Council Canons. We may add the local and regional canons at a later date.
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From the Rudder


The Sacred and Divine Canons

The Canons listed herein were taken from our copy of the Rudder that is presently out of print. Our copy was printed in 1957 and states "First Printed and Published A.D. 1800".

We believe our online listing of the Rudder is in the Public Domain based on the following informaton from the U.S. Copyright Office.

Essentially, all works first published in the United States prior to 1923 are considered to be in the public domain in the United States, as are works published between 1923 and 1963 on which copyright registrations were not renewed.

Public domain materials generally fall into one of four categories, three are listed below:

A) Generic information, such as facts, numbers and ideas.

B) Works whose copyrights have lapsed due to the passage of time or the failure of the copyright holder to renew a registration (a requirement that applies to works created before 1978).

C) Works created prior to March 1989 that failed to include a proper notice of copyright.

The present Rudder was originaly published in 1800 according to the copy we have. Our copy that is published in English contains no copyright information and is dated 1957 (B and C above). Also it should be noted that we do not publish the complete Rudder as printed. The main canons are printed on these pages.

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The 85 or Apostolic Canons of the Holy Apostles

First Ecumenical Council

Second Ecumenical Council

Third Ecumenical Council

Fourth Ecumenical Council

Fifth Ecumenical Council

Sixth Ec. C. - Constantinople III

Quinisext or Sixth Council

Seventh Ecumenical Council


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