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This is an Orthodox Church! We follow Holy Scripture, the Sacred and Divine canons and traditions of the Orthodox Church. We require any clergy who offer the Eastern Liturgy to do the Liturgy fully and completely without changes by the clergy.
Patriarch Nikon

We demand obedience to the canons by all out clergy

Former Synod Members

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Dec. 2009

Some former synod members have acted in an unorthodox manner, have threatened to file abuse complaints against us in an effort to have the website shut down and are upset by what we have published. They do not care that we revised it for them once but demand we write nothing about them. We therefore offer this information by email on request.

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First Synod of Canonical Bishops

Abp. Aftimios Ofiesh - Reposed 1966

Bp. Sophronius Beshara
Resposed in 1940, remains moved from NY Mt Olive cemetery and reburied by Antiocians at Antiochian Village next to St. Raphael.

Bp. Joseph (Zuk),
left in 1933 to work with Ukrainians, reposed 1934

Ignatius (W.A.) Nichols

Auxilary Bishop 1932-1933

1934-1942 Episcopi Vagant claiming to be Archbishop
of the Holy Orthodox Church in America
1942 - Became pastor of a Community Church
Reposed 1947

Ignatius never ordained anyone for THEOCACNA. When he left the Church without the required letters he had no authority to act for THEOCACNA.

Ignatius was not part of the Synod according to the 1932 newspaper article.

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