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This site is our wikipedia to state our side of the issue regarding claims by those ethnic jurisdictions associated with Orthodoxwiki that publishes untrue statements about this Church and clergy. Wiki is supposed to be a true and unbiased encyclopedia but orthodoxwiki has a bias against this Church as proven in their writing whih often conflict about this Church.
What is published here is true and documented information. The letters linked above are true documents.

If anyone feels they can disprove our claims they may contact us with their evidence that we are in error.

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This site was established to show that the Orthodox jurisdictions that make up SCOBA disobey their own canons but attack others for the same or similar acts that were never formally called canonical violations.


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Those who violate the Canons

The following ethnic, or old world, orthodox violate their own canons and in some instances the canons state the punishment for that act.

Examples from the Rudder
also called
the Sacred and Divine Canons

Canon 10 of the 85 canons;
If anyone prays in company with one who has been excommunicated, he shall be excommunicated himself.

Canon 11 of the 85 canons;
If anyone prays in company with one who has been deposed, he shall be deposed himself.

Canon 55 of the 85 canons;
If any clergyman should insult the bishop, let him be deposed from office.

Canon 6 of the 102 canons; subdeacon, deacon or presbyter at all, after the ordination bestowed upon him, has permission to contract a matrimonial relationship for himself: if he should dare to do this, let him be deposed from office.

1and that any bishop is to be deprived of his bishopric and episcopate if he gives permission to a subdeacon or deacon to marry after ordination. (Rudder, Page 299)

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The above examples support some of our claims stated in the above links, such as;

An Antiochian priest who condemns Abp. Ofiesh for his marriage over 40 years after his repose in 1966. No synod with authority to call a tribunal took canonical action against Abp. Ofiesh probably because he stated publicly that "God told me to marry". Here a priest takes it upon himself to state and claim that the Archbishop retired then he recants that stating the Archbishop's widow stated Abp. Ofiesh intended to act as a married Archbishop. He then claims he defacto deposed himself by his marriage. There is a problem with that claim since if no tribunal was help he, Abp. Ofiesh, could not be removed from his office according to the canons.

We view this attack as an insult to the bishop and state this priest has violated canon 55 and insulted the bishop since his claims are published and not a formal complaint and made years after the Archbishop reposed. We also consider such claims and writings not in the venue orthodoxwiki was intended since they refuse to allow us to publish our "side of the issue" on orthodoxwiki and took our page down within 24 hours of our posting the truth on that site. Their unchristian actions speak for themself
It should also be noted that orthodoxwiki acknowledged and published that this church never adopted the canon on married bishops based on statements made by Bishops Joseph and Ignatius they pubished. That is supported by the book "The Orthodox Church: 455 Questions and Answers" written by a Greek priest which states that not all churches adopted the canon on Married bishops. This article also states this is a canon that can be changed at anytime to again allow bishops to marry.

To add insult to injury the Antiochian clergy attack Abp. Ofiesh of blessed memory all these years after his death for basically what Metropolitan Philip and Patriarch Ignatius IV allowed - One of their priests was allowed to remarry and remain an active priest - A violation of canon 6 of the 102 canons which would appear to direct Patriarch Ignatius IV and Metropolitan Philip to be deposed but it seems they again ignore their own canons.

If in fact they deposed themself according to the canons (c. 11 of the 85 c.) all who pray with them are also deposed according to the canons. Since this occured some years ago many from the various orthodox jurisdictions have also deposed themselves since this was not hidden from the public in any way. The married priest wrote a book about his remarriage and Light and Life publishes the fact the Pariarch allowed his bishop, Metropolitan Philip, to allow the marriage.

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