List of Clergy falsely claiming to be us or using out Church name

The following use the name "The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America" in some form or claim to be us under a different name.

Carl D. Bartholomew - see - he is up there

Symeon - Steven Holdridge -

Vladimir Wilson Sehorn - Was incorporated using our name

Most of the following use our short name "American Orthodox Catholic Church" which is a common law service mark of this Church as it appears in the original Church Charter that we should be known from all other Churches by either of our names. The following clergy falsely and improperly use our name.

Dominick Lorenzo (Retired)

Patrick K. McReynolds

Steven Kochones

Donald Jolly

Stephen Tyminiski

Alan Stanford

Matthew Constantine (A/K/A Norbert Tetrault)

Samuel - Mark Pultoral (believed to have left Orthodoxy)

Christian II - JM Brian Whitney

A group associated with Denis Garrison includes;

Paul Stoms

Patrick McMurray

Paul Dolan

and others