Our Service Mark for the

AOCC - Americn Orthodox Catholic Church

Our Short name since we were Chartered on Feb. 2, 1927 has been the American Orthodox Catholic Church SM which we claim as a Service Mark of THEOCACNA.

This Service Mark is claimed based on:

A. Our Constitution giving us this name as our rightful "short" name that declares who and what we are.

B. By the date since we are the one canonically established American Orthodox Catholic Church since we were established.

C. By continued use of this name. We were incorporated on Feb. 1, 1928 as THE HOLY EASTERN ORTHODOX CATHOLIC and APOSTOLIC CHURCH IN NORTH AMERICA based on our Charter from the Synod of Bishops of the Moscow Patriarchate in North America and our constitution which gives us the short name of American Orthodox catholic Church.

D. By canonical authority since we were established to serve the English speaking Orthodox in North America.

E. By law since we have never ceased to exist. Our original corporate date of Feb. 1, 1928 is the date still used on all corporate documents. As some usurpers would like others to believe we are not a new or re-incorporated group. We are the Original Church that was headed by Archbishop Aftimios Ofiesh of Blessed Memory.

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For the most part those who use our name - American Orthodox Catholic Church - are either independent groups who falsely claim to be Orthodox (one group even claims to ordains women) or SCOBA groups who claim to be the American Orthodox Church to mislead the public.