Established by Canonical Charter Feb. 2, 1927

Also known as
The American Orthodox Catholic Church

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+ Statement +

Here are the true and documented facts about this Church. If you read nothing else on this site we ask that you read this statement.

We are the original Church as established on Feb. 2, 1927 and incorporated on Feb. 1, 1928. The original clergy died many years ago so we are not, of course, the original clergy.

We are canonical but not in communion with SCOBA or the Ecumenical Patriarch. Anyone who claims you must be in communion with either is misleading you.

We offer only the approved Liturgies used in North America in English. These include the Western Rite Sts. Tikhon and Gregory Masses and the Byzantine Eastern Liturgies.

We are recognized by the Roman Catholic Church and have a letter that we may offer communion to Catholics within our liturgy. Clergy have shared the altar with Roman Catholic and SCOBA Ukrainian clergy. One of our former priests was accepted without re-ordination into the Episcopal Church USA and heads a small Arkansas parish.

We do not seek association with the schismatic SCOBA-ethnic groups who would mislead individuals by claiming we are not who we are legally and morally. They usurp our authority in America and to acknowledge us would admit they have and continue to violate the canons. Also some attempt to claim they are the American Orthodox Church which is also false. The actions, writings and claims by some of their clergy attack this Church and our late clergy in an unchristian manner. We believe these acts are done with the knowledge and approval of their Synods. These groups are also responsible for the unchristian and uncharitable acts towards Abp. Ofiesh of blessed memory and the violation of the canons by going to court against Abp. Ofiesh and this Church to "take" our Cathedral. Because these groups are "in communion" with the Ecumenical Patriarch they are "canonical" according to their claims. We do not seek communion with any such groups who feel they must lie, violate the canons and attack the dead.

Therefore, Any Orthodox Church and clergy operating an residing within our canonically granted and chartered jurisdiction, being America, are in violation of the canons of Orthodoxy and we do not recognize them as being canonical, no matter who they claim to be in communion with.

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