From: Bishop Dominic Martin
Sent: Monday, November 30, 2009 5:35 PM
To: THEOCACNA Synod Email List
Cc: Patriarch Nikon, Archbishop Victor
Subject: For the sake of peace and unity

My Dear Brother Bishops:

For the sake of peace and unity in this Church:

1. I hereby withdraw my second round of proposals. All of them as presently written.

2. As I was unaware that the minor order of subdeacon was also included in the local resolution on ordination, I must acknowledge that I acted contrary to this administrative local rule. As a result, I ask all of my brethren for forgiveness.

3. As I failed to seek a mandate for the ordination of a subdeacon, I humbly ask that one be granted after the fact to insure that good order prevails in the Church.

4. I ask forgiveness of Patriarch Nikon for any disrespect I have given his office.

5. I ask forgiveness of my brother bishops for placing them in this controversy which has placed our fellowship in turmoil.

I stand ready to do what must be done to preserve unity in the Church

In Christ,



Most Rev. Dominic Martin
Orthodox Archdiocese of Saint Titus & the Eastern States
The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic Apostolic Church in North America
4521 South Hopkins Ave
Titusville Florida 32780
phone 321-890-5545


'For far too long we have failed to give much value to martyrdom. We think that it is better to live and toil for a great cause than to die for it. But there is nothing greater than to lay down one's life for the Gospel of Christ'.

The Holy Martyr Gorazd, Bishop of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia (+ 1942)

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Evidence these individuals left contrary to their later claims and contrary to the Canons

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