The American Orthodox Catholic Church (THEOCACNA)

Is the only Orthodox Church in North America with true Sacramental Authority!

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Proof we are who we say we are


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Some of the reasons we are the only Sacramental Orthodox Church in North Americas includes;

We were canonically established as the American Orthodox Catholic Church by the Russian Synod in North America with the blessings of Moscow. Confusion did reign in Moscow at that time due to the Revolution.

We were established to be the Anchor Church of Orthodoxy in America.

The ethnic jurisdictions did create a Schism in American Orthodoxy in 1929 that continues to this day.

Clergy from the ethnic jurisdictions attack the first Archbishop, Aftimios Ofiesh, to this day - a violation of the Sacred and Divine canons.

These same ethnic clergy publish half truths, distortions of the truth and outright lies in an effort to change church history in North America.

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Examples include;

Claims Abp. Ofiesh retired or deposed himself by his marriage in 1933.

This is false since the ethnic ignored this Church and claimed they were over us since the beginning and in 1929 their actions created the Schism.

Claims that "Bishop" Sophronius suspended Abp. Aftimios and excommunicated Bp. Ignatius.

In Orthodoxy one bishop Cannot remove another bishop! A synod or council is required. Bp Sophronius knew the canons and would not have acted contrary to the canons. The question does arise as to why the Antiochians would bury this bishop from our Church next to St. Raphael if he did not abide by the canons and acted against them. It would be a beneficial claim if it were allowed by the canons.

Ethnic Bishops allow and appear to support the attacks on Abp. Ofiesh by their silence.

Ethnic clergy from the Schismatic groups make false claims about Abp. Ofiesh - saying he deposed himself and/or retired. Since this Church did not adopt the canon on Married bishops there would be no reason to retire and he could not have deposed himself. In a book written by his widow Mariam, she even said he intended to act as a married bishop. This refutes some of their claims. The attacks on Abp. Ofiesh violate the canons about attacking a Bishop. The lies include claims that he deposed himself since there was no tribunal to make such a claim a fact. No tribunal means no punishment, except that exacted by lower ranked clergy who act contrary to the canons.

1. Holy Scripture states a "Bishop" must be bameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;
1 tim 3:2

2. Abp. Ofiesh publicly stated that "God told me to marry".

Since no tribunal was called to refute his claim and he followed the command of Holy Scripture how could he then be declared by priests or deacons to have deposed himself?

Since Abp, Ofiesh did not depose himself or retire he was the canonical head of this Church until his death in 1966.

Since this Church still exists, continues as the Church it was established to be in 1927 and incorporated in Boston in 1928 as a legal entity (Church) by Abp. Ofiesh no other group can in fact be us by any name, and their are many in the ethnic groups as well as independent groups who would try to make the general public believe they are us.

A couple other points to consider.
Auxilary Bishop (not Archbishop) Ignatius left this Church in 1933. Some claim to get married. In 1934 he was ordaining as an Archbishop of the "Holy Orthodox Church in America", an independent group that was not canonically started and a name now being claimed by others in the independent movement.

In Orthodoxy when a bishop leaves the Church he leaves ALL authority behind so acting as an independent bishop he had no "Orthodox sacramental authority" to ordain or offer the Mysteries

When Ignatius ordained and consecrated Paul Turner he did so as an independent bishop yet the NY Antiochian diocese still accepted Turner as a priest. Did they re-ordain Turner?

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