Legal Notice of Infringement

and other illegal activities

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Archbishop Aftimios Ofiesh
of blessed memory
First Archbishop President of the Church

The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America, inc. proclaims the following warning of illegal Service Mark Infringement, identity theft, fraud and more!

Our name and logo are the property of this Church corporation! This has been our name and logo since we were established on Feb. 2, 1927 and we have never ceased our legal existance.

Excerpt from Trademark law

The owner of a registered trademark may commence legal proceedings for trademark infringement to prevent unauthorized use of that trademark. However, registration is not required. The owner of a common law trademark may also file suit, but an unregistered mark may be protectable only within the geographical area within which it has been used or in geographical areas into which it may be reasonably expected to expand.

The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America
Our Service Mark

Service mark is word(s), symbol or phrase used to identify owner of mark. In this case our mark, according to the USPTO shows the logo with text and below states: (Words Only): THE HOLY EASTERN ORTHODOX CATHOLIC AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH IN NORTH AMERICA

Thus use of our mark in whole or in part is illegal when another "church" takes our name and/or logo and claims to be us.

Our mark has been in use (common law) since 1927 for our church and since 1928 for the corporation and in 2000 was Registered with the USPTO. Since we have had the name more than 5 years under both common law and as a Registered Mark our rights by law give us exclusive right to the use of the mark and this is incontestable according to law.
15 USC 1065

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Our evidence as to our legal status includes our Corporate entity documents dated 1928 and all prior use/ownership rights to our Service Mark (our name and logo Registered with the U.S. Patent Trademark office in 2000) and related documents are public record. Also the AZ and TN mark and formerly registered in Colorado.

You may visit the Secretary of the Commonwealth website and do a search on our name (copies of corp. documents below). You will find that the individual whose name appears below is the President of this Church Corporation that was incorporated by Archbishop Aftimios Ofiesh of blessed memory on Feb, 1, 1928.

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Evidence Links

Corporate Trustees

Corporate Certificate


Clerks Secular


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Most Rev. Victor Prentice
Corporate President

The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic
and Apostolic Church in North America
Established by the Russian Synod - Feb 2, 1927
Incorporated Feb 1, 1928

Legal Notice: The website and photographs are Copyrighted. Our name and logo are Registered or claimed Service Marks of this Church (Corporation). Our name and logo are also Registered with the States of Arizona and Tennessee. Any unauthorized use of our name and logo (Our mark) or copyrighted materials will be considered infringement and theft of our legal property. Anyone claiming to be us or part of this Church and not is shall be considered guilty of fraud and identity theft.

2008 - Most Rev. Victor Prentice
This website protected by our Registered Copyright

NOTE: The law does not require a continous registration of a service or trademark. Use and ownership for 5 years gives you full ownership. We have had the name since 1927 and claim commonlaw ownership since 1932. We claim Ownership under the law since we registered the name with the USPTO in 2000 and our service mark (name and logo) were legally ours since 2005.
15 USC 1065