From: Patriarch Nikon
Sent: Monday, November 23, 2009 3:54 AM
Subject: Fw: suggested Confidential

The attached was sent just before 4 am Central time to +Lee, +Dominic and +GeoMichael

American Orthodox Patriarchate
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From: Patriarch Nikon
Sent: Monday, November 23, 2009 3:51 AM
Subject: suggested

The following is placed for your consideration.

It has been suggested to me to submit this to any who may disagree with the local canon's of THEOCACNA. 

Any bishops who are unhappy with the way THEOCACNA is operated who are unhappy with the Orthodox or local canons, our corporate board, corporate status, constitution of this Church, orthodox tradition or the authority of the Patriarch and to avoid bad feelings or decrees being issued that the following alternative exists.

Any bishop who cannot or will not abide by the canons as required by the Rudder might consider submitting a petition for autocephaly for his own (new) Church.

That group could be in communion with us as long as their major canons do not violate ours, such as the ordination of women, and they can ordain and set up their own rules as they see fit.

They may use their own liturgies.

We would need to approve the name prior to their incorporation for the letter of communion to be issued. Their website can state they are in communion with THEOCACNA but in no way claim to be us under our existing names.

All members of our synod must abide by the traditional orthodox canons, including our local canons.

If any doubts exist about canons we can assist them as we have a rudder (book) as well as the Rudder on disk and on our website as well as numerous copies of the Rudder elsewhere on the internet.



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